10105_472023482869883_1532815946_nNot just a bikini wearing prop!

For too long advertising has objectified women trying to sell cars, homes, liquor using nearly naked women. Just think about it, would you buy a car because you saw a bikini clad woman sitting on the bonnet or a beer just because a sexily dressed waitress serves a guy a bottle in a conference being held in a swimming pool? I wouldn’t ! But let me make it clear not that a man wearing just briefs could sell me a trip to the moon. Rarely would most of us fall for this gimmick, but it continues to be a silly marketing tool used by several brands. So when ads show women in a different light then you sit up and notice!

Here are some ads that have broken the stereotype template and are so powerful that they could make you cry! Keep some Kleenex handy and watch:

1)Heart-warming Vicks ad using a real life transgender mom:

2)Amazon ad series “Mom Be A Gril Again”: Skater Mom

3)Amazon ad series “Mom Be A Gril Again”: Photographer Mom

4)Titan Raga: Mom by Choice

5)Ad against domestic abuse:

6) United by Half: Benetton’s powerful commercial