The only thing constant is change. _Heraclitus, Greek philosopher 


Innovation is possible only with change. And as a brand you have to constantly change to be more innovative.  Four years ago, when I started Soul Purpose Travels, the philosophy was to bring adventure travel into women’s domain.

Typically, adventure travel was a male domain:  men in their mid-20s, flushed with newly acquired salaried status, would pack a backpack and hook off on a trek. But that was changing. A travel survey found that the adventure traveller was no longer a 28-year-old male but a 47-year-old female! The template was being broken.

soul-purpose-final-uc_original-defaultSoul Purpose Travels came into the women’s travel space with the idea to encourage girl gangs to go on adventure trips, along with culture and food trails, village home stays etc. The idea was to become a traveller from being just a tourist.

It began with a simple birding trip to Bharatpur with a group of 11 women and I must say many of them became instant converts to bird watching: buying birding books & binoculars became de rigueur and species names were easily tripping off their tongues! And today all women river expeditions, mountain expeditions and soon cycling expeditions are part of our portfolio. The kind of trips Soul Purpose does is also evolving. From the initial stage it is slowing coming out of the chrysalis, to emerge as a company that is pioneering in building travel around experiences so that you can get a taste of something different.

Holi Hai:Escape to the Mountains; March 11-14

New trips in 2017 are on our calendar and more are in the works. The website has been updated to give a new fresh look. You can get details of all trips on the website itself. And just click to book. In the works are systems to pay online, which will undoubtedly make transactions cashless and smooth. Complete transparency in what you are paying for, what’s included and what’s not included clearly spelt out. Rest assured, all the trips are high on safety and comfort. The pricing is competitive and give you more bang for your buck.

The website now has a blog space and we welcome travel writers to share their blogs. There will be regular updates on whats happening in the travel space, to keep you well-informed. The constant endeavor  will be change, so that nothing stays constant!

Soul Purpose. Come experience travel.group4

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