Rahul-ABP news
Picture courtesy: ABP News

So my Alma Mater proved to be Rahul Gandhi’s nemesis! Well, Rahul let me tell you are not the first nor will you be the last to meet such a fate! My college has always had a reputation for grilling men who stray into its premises. Many a man, small or great, have fallen prey to the women who study here. We have a pretty notorious reputation, something your PR folks should have warned you about it.

I graduated almost 30 years ago from the college, but my memories of the cruel fate that men who braved to enter the hallowed portals of Mount Carmel, remain etched in my memory. It was an all-girls college those days (although now there are boys in some PG courses, I hear). The most notorious part of the college, was the drive. The college had a long driveway leading to the main porch and an equally long drive out.  It used to be a big challenge for Bengaluru boys to drive in and drive out without being accosted by a gaggle of giggly girls. I remember about the time a car entered drive during lunch break, with two boys in the front seat. The girls decided to give them a taste of what they came looking for. One group ran across the basketball court and closed the exit gate! Another group surrounded the car and the boys found themselves marooned inside MCC.  The boys were ragged to hell before the guards came to their rescue. The poor things had actually come to pick up their sister, we later found out.

Then, when I was in my final year of college, when SPIC-MACAY launched its Bangalore chapter, we had Amjad Ali Khan playing at out college. And he was one handsome hunk then as he still is. No sooner the concert ended, the girls mobbed him. That’s when I remember Sister Geneviève took over. With the help of some student volunteers, he was literally pushed into the green room and the door locked. And after a stern lecture, Sister Geneviève dispersed the crowd of screaming, raving college girl fans. Amjad Ali Khan could leave only after that!

When I was in my final year, the college decided to open its annual fete to the public too. This meant boys inside the college campus! My class decided to use the college chicken coop as a jailhouse and devised a money spinning game! Girls could pay me and my friends (we had badges on calling us sheriffs, wearing blue jeans, white shirts and Stetsons) to put boys into the coop. The only way they could get out if another friend paid bail to get them out. And hell yeah, yhat evening many a boy spent his evening in the chicken coop jailhouse!

Mount Carmel is located on Palace Road, opposite Vasantha Nagar. And there are residential houses opposite the college. I remember, a young college-going boy who lived in one of them. But he couldn’t really come out of his house and enjoy some time on his lawn. The minute his door would open, girls would be shouting out his name! So, he would always enter his gate and quickly shut the door behind him!

During my time in college there were only three male teachers, two in the physics department and one in the commerce department. And they had a hard time almost every day. I still remember that we would do our best to rattle them, but the two physics profs who taught me were unmoved by our antics!

Dear Rahul, do remember to enter Mount Carmel you need to be a brave man and it would be better to charm the girls with wit than try to egg them on about something you are not sure about. The response may embarrass the hell out of you!  And they succeeded it seems!